Do you offer returns or refunds at Johnny’s?
All sales at our stores and online shop are final. If you have any questions, please call us (269) 781-4654.


Who owns Johnny’s stores?
We’re run by a family-owned company, Walters-Dimmick Petroleum (WDP). Learn who we are.

When did Johnny’s stores open?
Our doors opened in 2014 when we decided to reimagine the convenience store as a clean, friendly, fun place that feels like part of the neighborhood.

Where can I find Johnny’s stores?
With 66 stores across Michigan and Indiana, and our headquarters in Marshall, Michigan, you’ll run into us wherever you go! We’ll even help you find your nearest store.

Are the sandwich shops part of your business?
As an extra convenience, some Johnny’s stores have a Subway or Jimmy John’s store inside. These restaurants have their own managers and staff, but they’re owned by WDP.

Are you on social media?
Yes, @johnnysmarkets! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where you can hear about our latest promos, events, and contests to win fun prizes.

How do I find out about special deals?
Our website is a great place to see what’s on sale before you visit the store. Check the Deals section to see our fresh lineup every month! Stop in and browse our aisles to see all of our featured deals.

What do you do to support the community?
Johnny’s loves to be part of the neighborhood, so we support all kinds of programs at our surrounding schools and neighborhoods. Have a request? Get in touch with our Donation Request Form.

Who do I talk to about customer service?
We hope you always have a great experience, but if there’s something you want to talk about, please reach out to your local store manager or contact us.


When is Johnny’s open?
24/7…you can count on us to be open ‘round the clock to meet your needs on late-night road trips, last minute runs for milk, or whatever else you need.

Are you open on holidays?
Yes, our stores are always staffed for your convenience.


What kinds of fuel do Johnny’s Markets sell?
Count on us for top-quality Unleaded E10, E15 Regular 88, V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline, Diesel, and EV Chargers at select locations.

How does your fuel rewards system work?
It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for Shell’s free fuel rewards program online. You can choose to get a card or an ID number that you can use to save at least 5 cents off a gallon at any of our participating stores.


Where does your coffee come from?
Our coffee beans are grown all over the world, but what really makes it the Johnny’s coffee you love is the special artisan roasting that happens right here in Michigan at Paramount Coffee.

How fresh is your coffee?
Mmm, so fresh you can smell it! We get fresh deliveries every week, so the coffee we brew in our stores and sell on our shelves is never more than 30 days from the roaster.

Do you sell ground coffee?
Yes! If you love our amazing flavors, you can buy a bag of ground coffee in the store to brew at home! Or, go a step farther and sign up for a coffee subscription, and we’ll deliver straight to your home.

How do coffee subscriptions work?
Just go to our online store and choose your flavor, number of bags, and subscription length, then pay online. You’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite coffee, and it makes a great gift, too.


How do I download the Johnny’s Markets Car Wash app?
Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the free app for Johnny’s Markets Car Wash. You can use it to find your nearest carwash, buy a single wash or car wash subscription right from your device, and start earning loyalty points for free washes. See the car wash plans here!

Do I need the app to get a car wash?
The Johnny’s Car Wash app makes the wash process seamless and earns you loyalty points! Pull right up, open the app, select your single wash or car wash subscription, scan the Activate Wash QR code, and pull forward! You can also purchase a wash at the fuel pumps, inside at the register, or at the car wash kiosk with a credit card.

Which QR code do I scan with my smart phone?
At the car wash kiosk there are two QR codes: one to Download the app to start earning loyalty points and the other to Activate the car wash. 

Does a carwash subscription save me money?
Yes, each subscription plan pays for itself within just 4 washes! Plus, every wash gives you loyalty points that you can save up to redeem for a free wash.

Not seeing an answer to your question?
Contact us or see the cashier inside Johnny’s Markets for assistance. 


Can I buy things from Johnny’s Markets online?
Yes! We carry all your favorite Johnny’s coffee, along with insulated Tervis tumblers, tote bags, and air fresheners in our shop.

How do you keep my financial information secure?
All transactions are encoded for your security using the trusted Stripe system.

What does Stripe do with the personal data they collect?
Collecting this data helps Stripe comply with financial regulatory and other legal obligations, prevent fraud, authenticate customers, process online transactions, and communicate with customers about Stripe products and services. For more details, see Stripe’s Privacy Statement.

Will Stripe ever sell my information?
No. Stripe does not sell or rent personal data to marketers or unaffiliated third parties.

What else can I do to protect my personal data?
You can opt out of any communications through the unsubscribe link in the email. You can also exercise your right to protect your personal data by visiting the Stripe Privacy Center.

Where do you deliver?
We can deliver our Johnny’s products any address in North America, USA.

How long does it take to ship?
Since we’re practically in your neighborhood, you should receive your package within 1-3 business days of your order.

What if my order was damaged in the mail?
If you’ve received your order and the contents are damaged, please contact us at (269) 781-4654.


How do I get a job at Johnny’s Markets, Subway or Jimmy John’s?
We’re always looking for good people to join our team. Whether you’re interested in a part-time job or a full-time career, we’d love to hear from you. You can search our Current Openings and apply online, or stop in to any of our locations to receive and submit an application. Many of our stores also hold open interviews. Come work with us!